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Bhima’s venture commenced in the year 1925 and has persevered in cherishing its exceptional legacy of mastery in precious metals. Starting from a modest shop in Alleppey, Bhima Jewellers has evolved into one of India’s foremost jewellery brands, boasting numerous expansive outlets across India and the UAE. The hallmark of Bhima Jewellers’ charm lies in the fusion of our extensive expertise with innovative thinking and boundless creativity.

Through exceptional designs and breathtaking artistry, we strive to astonish you on every visit to our store. It is your trust, devotion, and affection that propel us forward, ensuring our position as a premier jewellery destination.

Over the years, we’ve meticulously cultivated a brand synonymous with trust and excellence, setting the gold standard in the jewellery industry. Starting with gold and silver, we’ve broadened our range to encompass the world of diamonds. Our commitment is to honour your trust, uphold traditions, and craft memories as precious as gold.


Our mission is to uphold our position as the foremost brand in gold retail, maintaining a steadfast commitment to the core values of Purity and Trust, while continually expanding our reach.


Our vision is to carry forward our heritage of crafting the highest quality precious metal jewellery while simultaneously making a positive difference in society through our craftsmanship.

Incredible Journey

Our incredible journey began in the year 1925, a humble beginning that has since flourished into an extraordinary adventure. Today, we proudly boast 60 showrooms spanning across the diverse landscapes of India and the UAE. This expansion is a testament to our dedication, tireless efforts, hard work, and the enduring trust of our valued patrons. We continue to evolve, offering exquisite jewellery and unparalleled service, with each showroom marking a milestone in our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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